Ah the bromance continues!

I have a particular fascination with Renaissance garb.  The fills, the poofs, the up-to-your-shoulders gloves.  It was truly a wondrous time.

Sadly the people don’t dress quite exquisitely as that anymore.  When I went to Rome I saw but one guy donning that gear and the man was in it for taking pictures with tourists.  I have that picture buried deep in the recesses of my home.

The world has become a more globalized place.  The uniqueness of villages and towns have slowly melted away into some homogenous pot we call Western Society.  People seem to hate on this quite a bit saying how boring places are with their track housing and how the life of small towns has been seeping away for years and they may be right.  On a Sunday drive Melanie and I saw some LARPers at a local park in full gear but with foam weapons so there may be some holdouts of the old ways yet.

The tribes in Africa may fade away and farmers may become obsolete and vanish but think of the diversity in our own “homogenized” society.  People are screaming out for individuality.  Marketing and advertisement almost solely base their strategies on selling differing cultures.  Maybe everyone is fake.  But maybe with time more and more people are becoming their own person.  Maybe I should also keep a better track on where my tangents go as well.