*Won’t be a comic this week as the fan has fully and consistently been getting hit with the shit.  We’ll return next week!


I’m not one for fast rides or high places.  Could this be a worthy item of note when learning who I am?  Probably.  But I derive my enjoyment from differing things than “normal”people, like having my feet on the ground and maintaining a velocity of under 20 miles per hour in all forms of unenclosed vehicles.  Luckily Melanie is just like me in these respects so I will never have to learn to love these stressful activities.

I have a self diagnosed, powerful fear of heights.  I kind of clench up when I go up high and ferris wheels are no exception.  Even being on the top floor of the San Diego Convention Center and looking down generates an uncomfortable… feeling in my extremities.

Strangely enough, planes don’t bother me (though my first plane trip only occurred because I was bribed a whopping $12.50, a king’s ransom for a six year old me).  I know I’m up high, but since I’m not directly aware of how far up I am and since I’m not being constantly reminded of my altitude I can remain calm.  I think my tiny human brain can’t even really fathom how high up I am.

In this case ignorance is bliss and I’d gladly trade that knowledge for keeping my junk from hurting throughout an entire 8 hour flight.