No, I’m not depressed, I just distinctly see the contrast in excitement for things, say Christmas, from when I was a child till now.  I recall being in such great anticipation I would be unable to fall asleep and now I barely want to wake up for the holiday.  Likewise, the San Diego Comic Con used to be an almost holy ritual for me whereas now it’s an enjoyable vacation.

Perhaps it’s becoming older and having gained a great deal more experience that has left the magical wonder out of these things or maybe it’s how my focus has changed to gaining more knowledge and skills over getting gifts and schwag.  Whatever it is, the memory of those times are always nice.

Speaking of Comic Con, I’m back!  This year’s was probably one of the weaker years as a lot of the panels I’d usually go to were missing (but I was only able to go 1 day instead of the usual 4) but I did get to meet up with one of my old professors Ryan Claytor that sparked the comicing flame in me and got to meet one of Melanie’s old professors that was a big influence on her as well so I’ll still proclaim it a victory.

We got to walk the floor quite a bit, got some nice schwag and even played the new Xbox as well!  It’s also nice to see the faces behind the comics you see online as well.  Perhaps one day my face will grace a booth but till then I’ll be satisfied just drawing it.