I sadly no longer have the time I used to to spend countless hours mastering and honing my skills at first person shooters.  With a job, a girlfriend and this very comic, my attention is split so that the hours I have in a day that aren’t spent dedicated to those three pillars of importance are in the decimals.

I believe we’ve spoken on my prowess at Halo in my youth before.  My lightning reflexes with a digital pistol.  My vast knowledge of every map, topographical location and weapon spawn point.  Even my studying of the game physics so that I could estimate what angle I needed to throw a grenade so that it would land in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle containing two people and a flag from 35 yards away.

Yeah, I was a bit intense.

I sometimes reflect and consider the thought that it was a worthless endeavor.  I mean, all I was doing was gaining a skill-set only useful in a world made up of ones and zeroes.  But when I look back at the friendships that developed because of that game, and the ones solidified even more, I can at least be happy with the joy it gave me in a time where most people cavorted about in superb awkwardness or dreaded waking up every day.