Being an adult can be a jarring thing.  Waking up, realizing you have to go to work can leave you in a catatonic state in your bed.  Sometimes you just wanna take all your belongings, wrap them in a sheet and walk away with them on a stick on your back… metaphorically speaking that is.

As an employed artist I can’t really complain though as what I do is pretty fun but there are those days that I wanna just say screw it, go kidnap Melanie from her own job, and drive off into the sunset together.  This is something a responsible adult sadly cannot do.

I think I’d miss all the amenities of life to leave it all behind.  Maybe that’s a weakness but I couldn’t imagine myself going a day, let alone a week, without Internet, a bed, milk.  As a digital artist I’m pretty tethered to electricity and all the gadgets that come with it but I’ve seen people that do life drawings by using their coffee as ink and it worked for them.

Perhaps some day soon I’ll quit this whole digital webcomic business and go for a more grass roots style of comicing; that is, drawing and painting the comic via lithograph, make a few hundred prints and mail them all out to interested parties twice a week.  Perhaps I’ve discovered some new avant-garde comic art, or perhaps I’ve become the ultimate hipster.