Woah, it’s been a while!  Big things have been going on on this side of the internet; things that have invariably delayed comics for the past couple weeks.  I hate having any sort of gaps in the comics but in this case it was worth it.  You see, Melanie and I are now engaged!




I feel like I should also have some kind of Captain Picard reference here, but let’s keep this ball rolling.  She’s been a great partner and has helped edit and write several of the comics so I thought I’d spread the word to this series of tubes along with the other outlets that have been notified.

Are we gonna see a lot more of Melanie?  Well, she’s practically in every comic already so an increase may not be physically, emotionally, or theologically possible.  What we are going to see is a 3 week hiatus starting today as we get holiday family stuff, future wedding crises, and the continuous march of 60+ hour weeks at work out of the way.

Never fear though, Hiatus does not mean eternal death, only a partial hibernation.  We did this last year and are still around to talk about it!  I’ll talk to Melanie about it but there will probably be some proposal comics in our future as well, maybe even a small series around the events that transpired on that fateful December evening.  Hope you all have a happy Christmahannukwanza and I’ll see you next year.