I still work with pen and pencil when drawing and writing ideas and when working on life studies but I’ve been meaning to get back into watercolors, acrylics, and particularly Inking and Oil painting since the last blackout happened.

I don’t want to get caught with my digital pants around my ankles again and there’s a certain romantic flare about making an art piece and avoiding the 1’s and 0’s.

I’ve never worked with gif comics before and thought I might try my hand at figuring them out.  There are tons of great artists out there that use gifs in their comicing and I’ve always found them to be really entertaining.  I had no idea how to actually do one but thankfully I’ve got a resource even better than the internet: my own personal gif mistress Melanie.

It’s a small start, and I don’t plan on this evolving into some kind of animated comic bonanza, but there are some comics that I feel would work better or could have a nicer feel if there was some animation involved.  I foresee that this could easily turn into a quest down the rabbit hole and consume me to the point of animating crap all over the place but let’s start with baby steps.