I think the lesson here is to just avoid roller coasters altogether.

*(Author’s note:  I actually wrote this down the day before I posted the comic and have, by some sort of sick and twisted fate, become ill for the first time in as long as I can remember).

I’ve been surprisingly successful in avoiding the dreaded flu this season.  Sure I’ve had the telltale signs of a destiny of illness multiple times, but have yet to be waylaid by the assailant.

Perhaps that is a side condition of my pseudo-esque nazi white blood cell army currently inhabiting my organism.  Sure, I get Nausea from the medication and fatigue from working 60-70 hour weeks but sickness?  None whatsoever.

I never really thought of it, but I haven’t missed a day of school or work from conventional illness since I contracted Crohn’s.  Maybe, like Daredevil, I will use my once believed disability to rise up and fight crime.

Guts Man!    no….

Perhaps The Wild Crohn!

Yeah, that’s got some promise.



Update for this week as well: With work getting crazier than usual I’m gonna have a one comic week this week and next week so I’ll see you all again on Monday.