Realizing how tethered I am to “the grid” was a bit of a surprise this past week.  I made a go at doing some “traditional” comic making but realized it has been so long since I’ve worked traditionally that my speed and confidence dropped dramatically.

I did the romantic artist thing and pulled out a few scented candles, India ink, pens and brushes, and a hand powered flash light for some power outage time drawing but it didn’t turn out as I expected.  My left hand kept twitching for shortcuts and ctrl Z.  My right was daintily holding a pencil knowing I wasn’t working in layers and my eyes couldn’t see the damn low lit paper in front of me anyways.

I ended up just reading more of my stash of comics I got for Christmas.

I’ve wanted to get into comicing with the ol’ fashioned ink and bristol board but experimentation and development of a style in an unused medium takes time, and time is the one thing in the world I don’t have a surplus of.  Candy Corn would probably be another thing.  You can never have too much Candy Corn.