Dan and Duane, if you have not guessed it, are twins.  It’s funny when you think about how a person can see a set of twins (or triplets and beyond!) and ask them the series of questions that all twins must endure and then be on their way.  To that one person enlightenment has come and they now know all things related to the lives of the split zygotes.

Enter the next person.

Now think of how every time you meet a new person if they asked you a series of the same questions how that would feel.  Of course they could also tell you the same cheesy dad jokes as well to compound matters.  How would that affect you?  Would you dread meeting new people?  Would everyone immediately annoy you?  Would you evangelize your status and consider yourself a herald of all things twinly?

I’m sure people with handicaps and disabilities go through the same things as well.  “How did you become handicapped?”  “Why do you have a cane?”  “When did this happen?”  Among other things, I’m sure.  I’ve always been told I have high levels of empathy so hearing what other people experience in their daily lives that I have no familiarity with has always interested me.  It’s also given me the advantage of seeing things in other people’s shoes easier helping me see the reasoning in their actions and understanding them quicker.

As for twins, Overall I’ve only heard good things about being one.  Sure, you may never have your own room but you’ve got a buddy for life.