I’ve been able to tell Dan and Duane apart for quite some time.  It only took me a few months to really internalize their differences in high school.  Of course, this is a much more simplified image than a photograph so it can be challenging choosing just what to make different and what to keep the same, all while making sure to at least try and make it look like they’re twins.

The glasses were a big thing.  People will latch on to one defining characteristic and they’ll remember that one thing when thinking about a person (I think I got that from Batman).

I think the major trait that my family has that people tend to remember are our eyes.  Not so much for their deep, penetrating quality that can melt the knees and hearts of male and female alike, but because they’re kind of squinty.  When I was a baby a child once asked my mom if I was Chinese.  Yeah… that level of squinty.

I have a kind of sun blindness.  Anything bright around me and I can’t see a thing.  The sky, a wall, something white, it all has the same result: me unable to make it out.  This of course made me a masterful player of sports and other outdoor activities… or led to my life as a hermetic recluse.

Since childhood it’s kind of evolved into an intimidating glower that I appear to have that assures no one messing with me and the intimidation factor increased exponentially when I had a beard.  If you ever see me around and I look ready to throw down or beat something up don’t worry, that’s just my normal face.