Another day, another pass from an older man.  I’ve never been offended by guys hitting on me.  It’s kind of flattering actually, though I don’t ever really know what to say besides trying to slip in the fact that I have a girlfriend into the conversations as sneakily as possible.  Sorry gentleman, this meat is off the market… oh god that was a horrifying metaphor.

It’s been getting pretty intense over here at Sean Headquarters (IE: my room) as I’ve been working a ton at a real job and spending the rest of my time on the computer drawing.  I’m hoping this will get me to a point where I can churn through comics in no time.  I really don’t know how other artists do it so quickly but I’ve seen videos of people popping these things out in just a few hours from start to finish!

I think my time has gone to about 15 hours per comic from start to finish and I just don’t know where in my pipeline I can improve speed-wise without sacrificing quality.  Maybe it’ll come to me in my sleep.   Yeah… yeah that should do it.  I better get on that right away.