I won’t bewail the plight of my poor sighted friends and family but one can feel like an outcast in any situation, even if it is genetic superiority.  I’ll admit I have my own problems though.  I may have keen eyesight but I have a mild case of Dyslex- Lysdex- Sexdic- …Whatever.

Maybe it’s that I only hang around smart people.  I do like me a good deep conversation but perhaps I’m just perpetuating stereotypes.   I have been known not to suffer a fool in my presence however.

I’m quite enamored with the fluidity and grace that animator’s give to characters they create.  I would never want to be an animator but I am really interested in the regimen they go through to get as amazing as they do.  I suspect that will be the area I focus on next after I get through the current book I’m studying to better myself.  It’s slow going work though, as I have the comic (and the R&D related to developing the comic’s style) first and foremost in my own practice.  All in it’s own time.