As a Caucasian male whose ancestry stems from the northernmost parts of Europe, particularly cavernous, clouded and sun droughted lands, sunburns are a wicked threat that assail me every day in my desert oasis environment.  Luckily for my skin and I, I am a huge computer nerd and have no social life out of doors.  My ceiling is my refuge.

Melanie didn’t believe how bad my condition was when we first started dating.  I took her to a beachside coffee shop early in our relationship in an attempt at romanticism.  We got our beverages and sat under a nice, safe canopy but Melanie insisted…insisted that we go sit at the beachfront.  My fear was apparent but I held onto the belief that my courage and the fact that she promised we’d only be out for 15 minutes would keep me safe.


Even a brief frolic through those treacherous rays scorched my skin and had me applying aloe every few hours.  This made Melanie a believer though, so I guess it wasn’t at least all for naught.