My Dad is renowned for his ability to put things in perspective.  It may not be the perspective I want to be in, but it’s there.

I’ve finally gotten that break I was talking about, oh, like a month ago.  It’s nice to actually sleep in and go to bed after 10pm.  I’m particularly enjoying the actually getting to play some video games part of this but I don’t intend to rest on my laurels.  I’m doing a week of winding down from crazy work schedules and then I’ll be working on my drawing skills (still need to finish that art book) and more comics.  I might even build up a bit of a backlog to have comics ready when crises happen.

I’m gonna be catching up on a lot of reading too.  I picked up Craig Thompson’s Habibi and Doug Tennapel’s Cardboard along with Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan.  I’m pretty excited for all of these and hopefully they will give me new insights on storytelling and artistic style that I’ve not thought of before.  Only time will tell.  As for now, I’m just glad to be relaxing.