I’ve always wondered what it was like being in a montage; now I know and I’m glad I’m out.  The music was nice but I’m also fond of sleep.

Whenever I’m in great periods of prolonged stress or hard times I try to focus on the impermanence of life.  No, not death, that’s probably not the best thing to be focusing on when you’re having trouble, but how things always change be it better or worse.

When I have it easy I know that someday things will get hard.  Conversely, when I’m very stressed out I know that that stress will sometime end.  It can be perceived as dark or morbid at times but the single fact of life that I can count on is that things change.

I was very sick in the past and now I’m better.  Someday I will become ill again.  Perhaps the predestined acceptance of that makes it easier to go through.  Perhaps I’m full of shit.

Maybe, in the end, the road is always easier when you look back at the hike and maybe the trail just appears shorter when you look down the mountain.