I must be horribly un… ergonomical?  Is that a word?  Whether a name exists for it or not the pain sure is real.  I can go forever on my drawing board or at my easel without batting an eyelash (in pain at least) but a few hours on the tablet and it’s wrist pain city.

How do these other artists do it?  Is it just getting used to it or am I setting myself up for ultra-pre-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  I’ve found that as time has gone on it’s beginning to hurt less and less so maybe my body is getting used to it.  Or I’m dying.

I decided to mess around with the background art style for this comic.  I kinda like how it turned out.  Made the whole collapsing of the line work at the end happen nicely.  I’ll admit I burgled the process from MercWorks (a great comic, I’d highly suggest having a look) to test it out since one of the main goals of this comic is to expand my skills in differing art and storytelling styles.  Don’t expect to see this again anytime soon though as I kind of like rendering out unique and interesting backgrounds.  If anything, it’s another tool in the belt.