Almost Doesnt Count page 2

I was so enamored with being able to do comics for school work that I took the Illustration class a second time. We found out that printing a book in color was actually the exact same price as getting one done in black and white and immediately jumped on the train to color mania. I did the previous year’s comic in ink and just assembled it digitally; this time I wanted the whole shebang done digital. It was quite the challenge too as I was learning the ropes as I was going.

This was also the first time I did a collaboration. Since you couldn’t take english classes twice I didn’t take the comic course again and was paired up with one of the writers to work with. She made the story and when we talked I was given complete control of the visual aspect of the story. End result was this bad boy, which further boosted my artist’s self-esteem and is a large reason as to why I’m still doing comics today.

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