So you wanna know more eh?  Well, I’m flattered and somewhat bemused.  I’m an artist who’s been living in San Diego, California all my life and plan on staying.  I’ve had quite the strange journey going from womb to world to web.  In college I spent three years as a history major with plans of minoring in english and astronomy to ending up graduating with a degree in art and music.  I could go more into the excruciating detail of my upbringing but how about we just jump into the questions.


so uhh…what’s your name?  Do you really portray yourself in your own comic?

I’m Sean Ramsey.  You’ve probably seen those little copyright disclaimers on the corner edges of the strips and yes, I do have myself as my own main character!  I’m sure that any therapists out there are already scribbling me down as at least a moderate narcissist but really it’s just because I felt that I could produce the most genuine and interesting comic by doing it this way.

How often do you update?

As of right now I’m working 50+ hour weeks so until the workload goes down I’ll be posting on Mondays.  This will be a twice a week deal.  Mondays and Fridays is when you’ll be seeing new strips.  I’ll be working on other stuff that I’ll put up here as well including short stories and cards for my girlfriend.  Those will be spread out more periodically and I’ll hopefully get to do more of them as I become a better and faster artist.

Who are the people who draw stuff?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so why don’t I save you some time with these:


Sean                                                   Kevin                                                 Dan



Melanie                                             Corey                                                   Dad



Why did you start the comic?

I had been wanting to do a comic for quite some time.  I love the stories they tell and the art and just…everything!  I grew up reading comics and have read my fair share of good and bad alike.  I’ve spent a lot of time working on my story telling skills to the point where I almost added a second major in English in college since I had already taken every creative writing course the school offered.   I’ve also looked at many of my favorite comic artist’s archives and have been super impressed with how most comic artists improve over their time making comics.  In just one year of making comics I had seen people transform into vastly better artists.  Working on a comic, in my mind, is the most fun way of developing one’s skills.

Do you only do comics?

Heck no!  I actually do a lot of what some people would call “classical art;” really just paintings and drawings with non digital mediums that aren’t in comic format.  I work on life drawing for several hours each day and I also have recorded and produced a few songs.  I’ll have an area for my other art on the site that you can check out if you’re curious.

How do you draw the comic?

I do everything completely digital and I draw stuff in with a Wacom Tablet.  I’m hoping that making comics every week will make me more proficient in digital mediums.

Is this comic appropriate for my kids?

OK look, you may find a few F-bombs throughout the comic but if I were to give it a movie styled rating I’d say pg-13.  While I’m not going to censor myself in what I write and draw I also find thoughtless vulgarity in any form of storytelling to be counter productive to a deep, rich narrative.  As a kid, I hated books and things that were overly censored because “I was too young.”  Kids are really much smarter than we think and I find that people usually just get dumber as they get older so, for the end of that tangent, yea, go ahead; this should be fine.



Sean’s Recommendations:

Jeez, I have so many! but why don’t we stick to things somewhat related to the site.  As for webcomics here are the ones that I read and enjoy:

Penny Arcade

Hark! A Vagrant!

Johnny Wander

Boxer Hockey

Happle Tea

Dresden Codak

Brawl in the Family

Magical Game Time 


Oh boy, that’s a lot.  We better stop while we’re ahead.

Special Thanks:

Most people can say there were a number of people that not only inspired them, but changed their lives.  For me this was a set of professors and artists that I studied under that made me really see art and doing comics in a light that got me on the track to where I am now.

Ryan Claytor:  Ryan was my first glimpse of how awesome a future with comics could be.  He was a graduate student at my University that taught one of my first classes in art and I was blown away when I found out he was studying comics.  He writes, draws and publishes his own books and I would suggest checking them out if you can.

Neil Shigley:  Neil taught the illustration course where I made my first comic.  Teamed up with the other Neil, he had us make comics that ended up published in a book.  Making comic short stories for his class boosted me into actually believing that I could make these things.

Neil Kendricks:  This was my professor for the comics as literature class I took that really opened my eyes.  He really got me into feeling that comics were a legitimate art form and got me down the path of writing my own comics.