To think a year ago today this site and strip was birthed onto the internet.  It’s kind of surprising as, in one sense, it feels like I just started the comic a few months ago, and in another I almost can’t remember a time before this whole web business.  I suppose this is a good comic to hit the year mark on as I would definitely not have been able to create the imagery here on that first awkward day of pen to tablet comicry. I initially started the comic as a way to get better digitally and now I use it almost exclusively so… mission freaking accomplished.

As for looking the type, so what if I have paint stains on my overalls?  And who cares if my hands smell like turpentine?  What even is the look of an artist?  Do I exude hipster?

I remember in school there were tons of people who were really into “being” and looking like artists and there were much fewer interested in creating anything or improving their craft.  You may know the crowd: the girl that was into painting soft (and sometimes hard) core porn.  The dude who would do nude self portraits and give himself a huge schlong.  The guy who’s entire artistic enterprise was to draw silly moustaches on everything.  You know, the regulars.  I actually always felt like the odd man out in the art department, at least until I got into the game development and illustration classes.

I guess a lot of people were trying to develop a cult of personality.  Maybe that’s what I’m doing with this.  And maybe putting your mind and soul in a creative endeavor imprints you and makes you oblivious to the world.