I mean really, who else would you want to guide humanity’s future? ! Who could handle the stress and responsibility?  Well, maybe a few other folks.  But I may be a bit biased.

If his winning the election would bring that great man back to life I’d start the next campaign right now.

All this political excitement is now wearing down and people can stop freaking out about how the country was saved or doomed on our national choice between Pepsi and Coke.  Shoot, I like Root Beer and juice but that wasn’t really up for grabs.

Some news going on here is that I won’t be posting a comic on Monday.  Why you ask?  Well, between working 58 hours a week and Melanie coming down to visit I won’t have 10 seconds to think about the comic let alone write, draw, ink, color and letter the damn thing.

I guess it’s the dark underbelly of employment.  Not getting to work on your personal projects.  The upside is that my workflow has dramatically decreased the time I work on the process so that’s thankfully what’s keeping me in the comic game at all at this point.  See you all Friday.