I can safely say that I can be a bit of a book hipster at times.  I loved reading the Forgotten Realms books in middle school.  I took joy in being the only person I knew to read multiple Robert Jordan novels in 8th grade.  I took a special joy at having introduced my friends to Game of Thrones, quite accidentally, at Kingdom Con and seeing them all, and subsequently the world, delve into what I consider to be some of the finest literature I’ve read.

I was also madly in love with Animorphs when I was in elementary school and middle school.  Ok, I’ll admit that everyone thought that was the coolest back then so it wasn’t very hipster-esque.  I will admit, however shamefully, that I wrote and constantly thought up Mary Sue styled Animorph fan fic in those times and when my mind drifts off, I still find myself imagining those worlds and story lines that I once created.  Oh god, you know too much.

You may be able to see a pattern here, that being that all of these titles are fantasy or sci fi.  I kind of have a thing for that.  As a kid, I was always obsessed with fantasy realms.  Things that were not my life and what I lived.  I thought up stories or action sequences or interesting scenes.  I played video games and read books and day dreamed.  All of this is what I grew up with and frankly, hasn’t changed one bit.  I still imagine playing missile command when I’m not driving.  I still have game stories stuck in my mind and I am constantly absent-mindedly strategizing on how to eliminate the Yeerk threat to our planet.

I have a feeling that about five people will understand me on that last one.

Maybe all this fantasy loving stuff is a sign that I’m messed up.  I mean, what’s up with a person that can’t live in reality, has their focus elsewhere in some imaginary land, and thinks they have the audacity to publish comics to the internet?!  A bold man.  a rogue.  Someone who possibly has too much time and a strange interest in type.