Working so much has given me quite the appreciation of free time.  Money is great and all but something my Dad told me a long time ago stuck with me to this very day, “Work to live, don’t live to work.”

I don’t want to get so consumed with paying the bills that I neglect friends and family and live a shell of a life being focused only on monetary gain.  I certainly recognize that possible trait in myself and constantly strive to be self aware.  Of course, I’m also not going to throw down 100 dollars on Candy Corn in an attempt at living life to its fullest… at least not again at any case.

When I think about it, the way I view friendships is kind of sad.  I always had a hard time at maintaining friendships after major events such as changing schools or relocating to a different area and had some regrets as a kid about not keeping in touch with people.  This changed when I played Grand Theft Auto 4.  Yep, that crime simulator where you can beat up prostitutes and run down police and hapless civilians.

In the game, you have several friends and they’ll call you up to hang out every once in a while.  If you don’t hang out with them very much their “friendship meeter” depletes itself.  I knew it was an overly simplified way to view relationships but it also rang true.

Now I at least make a better attempt at maintaining and strengthening my relationships with other people but I will admit that at times my work and art can distract and detract from those intentions. The internet and Facebook have helped quite a bit in that department though (at least as far as easy communication goes).

Speaking of Facebook (like that transition I did there?) I recently set up a page for the comic so if you’re still reading down here and are interested, here it is.