If there’s any creature on this planet that I despise most it’s the Mosquito.  They cause you to live in fear of the out doors and stay sequestered in your room or home or wherever you can find respite from these vampiric menaces.  I have trouble going to sleep when one of these guys are in my room because I know I’m just a tasty, sleepy meal the moment my eyes close.

This has had a happier, longer living effect on some of the other bugs in and around my abode.  I see Mosquito Hawks (or Crane Fly if you are getting technical) with a sly smile, even though they are visually disgusting.  Daddy Long Leg spiders are pleasantly tolerated in the hope that their nets will snare one of my nemesi.  Other spiders… well I still kill those suckers.  I’m not perfect.  Overall though, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

All this E3 hub bub is pretty exciting.  Melanie even went and got me a small fortune in swag.  T-shirts, mugs and a plethora of wonderful freebies.  The games are looking great and I’m quite impressed with the visual fidelity of what seems to be the next gen titles.  The new Star Wars 1313 is quite tantalizing (but I’m also a sucker for anything of that universe) and The Last of Us and Watch Dogs blew my mind.  I’m still unsure of when I’ll pick up a next gen console, be it day 1 or year 2 but it’ll happen and I’ll be excited to get some face time with these beauties.