I’ll admit that I’m probably the last person that would have and adventure, which obviously concludes that I am the prime suspect for adventuring material when it comes to the hero’s journey.

I’ve gone to Europe and explored powerful concepts of art, science and history but one is a vacation and the other is deep thinking and conversation.  I feel like science (and art to a degree) is probably the closest thing to adventure we have today, learning new things and expanding the horizons of our communal knowledge bank.  What I’m talking about, though, is good ol’ fashioned adventure.  I’m talking some Lewis and Clark shit.  No, not that Lewis and Clark.

Space is the last place I see as the adventurous expanse and we’re sorely lacking in exploratory equipment these days.  It makes me kind of sad but I guess that’s just the way the times are.  For now, I’ll just have to get my adventure fix via other means.