I’ve always thought toothpicks were kinda…gross.  Jabbing a splinter of wood in your mouth to pierce some nuisance of food trying to hide away from the gaseous, acidic deathtrap that is the stomach.  I guess I prefer to garrote my prey with floss but I find it to be a more effective weapon.  Of course, you could always use my Dad’s technique of taking the business cards of the last person that tried to sell you something and use that as a dental tool.



*Posting last weeks no comic update here for future references*

As you may know, I work in an art studio busting my ass on some pretty fun and cool stuff.  The upside?  Getting paid doing a job in my field surrounded by a bunch of my people (see: nerds) and enjoying myself.  The downside?  Ultra crunch.  Without doing anything to breach my NDA I’ll just say that a good many things that were expected to be due at  a later point in time is now expected to be due at a greatly sooner point in time.

You mix that crunch time mess up with the fact that Melanie is coming down for Valentine’s day this coming weekend and you’re cooking a No Time Gumbo.

So there’ll be no comics this week.  I’d like to say that I’ll have one up the Monday after Valentine’s but I’m not holding much hope out for that either.  After that though, we should be back to our regularly planned schedule.  I guess this is what I get for not having a buffer.  The more you know.