I love computers in my heart of hearts.  I also hate them with a vitriolic passion.

I’ve always had a sort of religious reverence towards technology.  A healthy fear of anything that would have baffled our ancestors.  Yet every time I so much as look at an opened computer it craps out.  It probably started when I was a kid and I accidentally plugged a Nintendo power cord into my Sega Genesis and fried the poor thing.  It took me over a year to save up and buy another Sega but this one had a Sega CD attachment.  Yep, I was a trend setter.

It got worse when I started working in an electronics department at a local store to pay for college.  The sheer misuse of technology astounded me.  You wouldn’t believe the state of the electronics that came in.  I saw them all and silently lamented their poor fates.

If someone touches my computer screen I cringe.  If someone shakes about their TV while moving it I shiver.  If someone pulls out their Ipod in the steam room I die a little inside.  Perhaps I have a Techno-Messiah complex.  These beautiful things filled with ones and zeroes are my children.  My little lost sheep.  I must save them.  Just don’t crucify me in the process.