Melanie once told me that the first thing she noticed about me on our first date was how my chest hair kind of poked up from the neck of my shirt.  Lucky for me that seems to be something she’s into.  Almost unhealthily into.  Should I be worried?

In the end, my parents named me after Sean Connery so this was probably my fate all along.

Recently, as I’ve listened to my local classical station in the car, I have found that mixed in with the old great composers like Debussey and Rachmaninoff was a song by every video game fan’s most loved composer, Nobuo Uematsu.  Particularly this song.

It felt good hearing how things have progressed.  Should I even be using that word?  I guess it feels good when some art form you like has become more culturally accepted.  You can be cool and read comics and play video games?!  Say it ain’t so!  I guess I’m just a little unused to this after the years of mostly keeping my true loves to myself and my close friends.