Moving is something that I always anticipate to be a walk in the park but damn, it’s hard stuff!  We recently moved Kevin and Melanie into new digs (see: housing) and by the end of the endeavor I was utterly beat.  We spent hours moving beds and boxes and what not but at the end we had a fresh new place for them to live in so it was worth it.

Here in San Diego that time has come upon us: Comic Con Season is here.  I’m posting this a bit early so I don’t have to worry about it when I’m there and I’m pretty excited.  Since Comic Con has become more of a Media Con than one focused on our favorite sequential media, it’s become pretty easy to meet all my comic heroes that go every year.  In one sense it’s kind of sad that what it’s named after is no longer the draw of the thing but I get that it’s evolved into something else.  I feel like maybe they should just separate the two though so people who actually care about comics can get in on the cheap like they used to and people who only care about Twilight and Mythbusters can spend their dough on that.

As for me, I’m gonna be at the Con all weekend and I’m gonna be installing a new Hard Drive on my computer afterwards so The next comic will be next Friday with all the stuff I’ll need to reinstall and clean on my desktop.  See you all then.