Maybe I should just stick to books.

I’ve been listening to Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities at work recently and it’s been surprisingly good.  It’s nothing like I expected, though my only previous experiences that I could base my expectations of it were from watching Hey Arnold.

I read a lot of history books and I’ve read a lot about the French Revolution and I’d have to say that getting history from a fictional story set in a real historical time and place has its advantages.  You don’t usually get the emotion from history books that you do in novels, and that emotional connection helps you to internalize what happened.  Of course, being written by an Englishman there’s definitely got to be some bias in the views on France.

I feel like I get a peek at the society of the times that I don’t normally get from the historical re-tellings.  It makes me happier to live in a world where my biggest concern is getting to work on time and finishing the next comic and not being murdered in the street.