I kind of like having these little short, bite sized  narratives.  This will be a three parter and may very well be a chug towards a new short story comic.  With the new job I’ve been working a lot but strangely, that pressure has only increased my speed in making comics.  I think working in the industry provides a particularly special, if unforeseen benefit to its employees: work ethic and time management.

I found that I’ve dramatically decreased my time browsing Reddit and Tumblr and have completely cut Kotaku out of my web browsing.  While it’s sad to no longer enjoy the constant stream of silly cats or be updated on what’s going on in the Video Game Industry, This new free time is keeping me on schedule.

In other Tumblr news I made a Tumblr for the comic!  I’ll admit that it’s mostly gonna be just a reposting of the comics you’ll find here at a later date but if you’re into the whole Tumblr social media thing you can check it out Here.

Right now in this stage of the comic (the first year it’s been out) I’m mostly focusing on generating a web presence.  “Get seen”  and get my stuff out there if you will.  I think it’s going along well, though I don’t want to be trapped in the malaise that is social media when there’s art to make!