*The next comic’s gonna be delayed till Friday as we ramp up to Comic Con stuff.*

Yes, I know that we do only see between 5 and 10 thousand stars in the night’s sky but I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the sentence.  There does seem to be a sense of tradition with constellations  of unchanging regularity but they’re really a time capsule of space pictures  the ancients used to help themselves with navigation.  I appreciate looking up and sensing the history of past civilizations in the stars but I also can’t help but think how cool it would be seeing a floppy disk, dinosaur, or Darth Vader as a constellation.  I guess if they kept changing with time we might eventually get some new form of YOLO up there or T-Pain‘s face so perhaps it’s best we stick with tradition.

We won’t have a comic this Friday as I’ll be out of town but come Monday the pretty pictures will be back!  There’s a good chance I got some tickets to the San Diego Comic Con this year as well so we’ll see what the future holds.  Till then, see you next time.