Working in the Entertainment Industry you get used to the wild swings in employment, driving long distances to your job, and the constant pressure of getting your work in under budget.  I can generally function with all of these while working a 10 hour day (Which has been going on for the past few months) but when they drop that 12 hour bomb I find myself on life support.

That’s why this will be the last comic till these insano hours come to an end.  I’m hoping that will be late February/ early March but they are currently scheduled till “the indeterminate future.”

Thankfully my trench mates are all very enjoyable people to be around, and that’s a big deal because I’m gonna see them more than all my other friends and family combined.  As I’m among artists and general nerds I’m in good company.  We’re staring down an entrenched bunker of work with the casualties of our free time and personal projects strewn about us.  It’s sad to see people just give up on everything but I make a faithful promise to return!  Knowing the 12’s are gonna last at least two months more makes it feel like we’ve yet to start running on this marathon but, while the light is faint, at least we know there’s an end to that tunnel.