If you read the previous post you may know that I’ve been under particularly dire duress recently.  In fact, as I am writing you now there is a bed calling my name for an early AM wake up call.  Duty calls however!

I’m glad I was able to get this comic out as tomorrow marks the end-ish of the stress death cycle and we’ll see where the dominos fall.  I’m often conflicted with how many things I feel I “should” do.  Draw every day, work, create portfolio pieces, maintain friendships, do comics, become a Zen Master.  I think I need to breathe a little.  That chance will probably happen soon as I don’t really think about taking a chill pill till after I’ve been under the grind stone for a particularly long time.

I think we are often conditioned to think of where we “should” be and try to get there.  If there’s one thing I have learned in my life it’s that whenever I predict I’m gonna do something or go a certain way in life, I tend to get thrown a curveball and end up somewhere completely different.

When I sit and think about it though I realize I’m not unhappy where I am and that I’ve felt better every year for quite some time.  So I am going to go to bed now because that… that is what really matters right now.



*I am adding the previous post here since I am removing it from the formal update schedule for not having a comic with it*

While I assume that the people who read the blog posts are dramatically fewer than the ones who read the comic and go on, I think I ought to just give you guys an update on things as the comic for today will be MIA.  Between working full time at a museum and training for a VFX job that I’m applying for I’ve literally spent every waking minute not doing comics. This is, of course, sad times but, Avast Ye!  It shall not last forever.  Or much longer for that fact.

I decided to cut my losses and converse directly with you, the people of the internet.  While no substitute for pretty pictures, I hope my words will satiate your bloodlust.  As this is a journal-ish comic I thought you may appreciate this glimpse into my life.

Don’t fret my trusted friends.  I plan on doubling down and getting my pencils collected for the next comic.  Hope to see you there.

Till then you can listen to this and imagine my next work week.