I feel like I’m on kind of a space trend recently (only twice in 3 comics but still…) but as I quote myself saying in this very strip, “I love space.”  Living in a heavily light polluted zone like San Diego makes seeing shooting stars, let alone stars of the standard variety, a pretty infrequent sight.  It’s understandable though, having grown up watching Star Wars and Star Trek and all those other sci-fi films, games, and books.  I was even gonna minor in Astronomy till I went the art route.  Someday, perhaps if I become wildly successful and make millions off of comics, I will visit the land that I dream of but till then I guess I’ll just chill here on Earth.

Earth has some nice things though, for example: San Diego Comic Con.  I was able to snag some professional passes from my work so Melanie and I will be touring the grounds and going to panels.  We’re even gonna meet Khan from KN-Comics to hang out we’ll hopefully see some other artists we enjoy.  Should be a fun time and I was even able to get Friday off work to go the whole day.  I’ll try to give a synopsis of what we were able to see and check out next time a comic goes up.