I got Melanie a Harvest Moon game for Valentine’s day so we’ve been working the digital farmlands quite a bit during our visits with each other.  Some people have a real longing to work a plot of land and make it produce goodness and food.  It’s a really fun concept that may come from our very roots.  I am, unfortunately, not one of those people.

Well, maybe if my farm had a really good internet connection and was fully automated with high tech machinery.

If you hadn’t noticed I’ve done a brief rescheduling of the comics for the next month.  Since I’m starting 12 hour shifts effective immediately I’ll be doing only one comic a week (Mondays!) till the shifts of madness end.  I will literally be getting home and going to bed six days a week.  This is probably a good trial to go on in my life because it’s helped me trim the fat on things that were basically procrastination.

That means no more reading of video game news sites or 6 minute youtube news shows but it also sadly means I can’t keep up on most of my favorite comics, which I consider research.  Hopefully when it’s all said and done I’ll be able to keep the procrastination away and work diligently and do  my much needed research.  But heck, I’ll probably be back to looking at silly animal pictures the moment I’m back to normal hours.