Sometimes we all have to learn our limits.  I mean, yeah, Da Vinci was able to be a painter, inventor, and mapmaker but for the rest of us, there’s so much to master vs. the time to master it.  I kinda had to make that decision with art and music.

When I was getting my degree I Majored in Multimedia art (which kind of focused on 3D modeling, animation and video editing) and Minored in Electro-Acoustic Music Composition (which was writing, recording and performing music with the help of digital tools).  Both of these were amazingly cool and fun areas of study but I don’t feel like I focused as much in one area to really feel particularly confident in my creations.

I think that all artists and creative types probably go through this though, where you look up through your lenses of anxiety and momentary despair in a cry for succor only to find nothing.  Really though, we gotta take those things off.  I mean, why am I even wearing glasses when I have perfect vision?  I swear there’s a metaphor in here to witily tie this into the comic, I’ll just need to break open that jar first.