Teaching is one of those things that are equally rewarding and stressful.  Being able to challenge the more advanced students while also making sure no one’s getting left behind is probably my biggest struggle.  That and the kids that get so excited about the programs they’re working with they literally fall out of their chairs. 

Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with many behavior problems.  It’s possibly related to my naturally furrowed brows and newly grown beard but I’d like to think I have an aura of authority.  Also, no one screws with a beard-o, you have no idea what we have hidden up there.  

All this dealing with kids has had me thinking on parenting strategies whenever Melanie and I have kids and I feel like the medicated route must certainly tempting to a lot of parents.  I, for one, have a bit of a paranoia streak on medication.  The whole concept of there being “no free lunch in nature” has stuck with me pretty hard and so I even avoid taking aspirin when I have headaches.  That being said, I still take immunosuppressants three times a day for my Crohn’s disease.  Nausea and other side effects are a pain in the ass but the symptoms of the disease are way way more painful than the risks of taking it.  But it’s definitely no free lunch.