I never went to any Halloween parties or anything like that until only a few years ago; I dreaded them actually.  The biggest part of this dread was from the costumes.  I never felt that spending the time to assemble an alias to go by for one night would be rewarding and couldn’t conceive of spending money on strange outfits to wear for one night.

When forced to go, I always had my go to grim reaper costume, with its ability to keep you socially anonymous and since it was a fairly long piece of cheap stretch cloth I grew into it well.  A few years ago that changed when Dan and Duane forced me to go to a Halloween party and gave me a good costume to wear.  It was surprisingly fun and though I ended up a bit overly inebriated I recall really enjoying myself, and this whole costume business.

Now I have to think of what I’m gonna do early and since I’ve been working at a real job and doing this comic my time has been spent making art over crafting costume assemblage.  It’s become a thing I started dreading again.  Luckily the solution was right under my nose the whole time: my Dad’s crazy obsession with mannaquins.  More precisely, his love for V for Vendetta.

So it looks like I have a cool costume for this festive event but now it’s been complicated by how Melanie and I will turn it into a cute couple masterpiece.  Eh, I still got a few weeks left.