I’ve always been a pretty frugal guy.  As a kid my parents never spanked me or anything like that for punishment, I had monetary penalties for bad behavior.  Getting fined a quarter was a pretty big deal for a kid that made a dime a day vacuuming the house.

It also led to me realizing what I felt was worth money and what wasn’t.  I distinctly recall buying a lego car for four dollars and after putting it together, playing with it, and becoming bored with it after a few hours I was horrified that I spent money on it.  Not just money though, almost a month and a half of work.

For two hours of fun.

Holy crap.

Since then I’ve been quite reluctant to purchase anything besides cheap video games because I realized that the monetary input vs. the hourly joy/entertainment value was the highest out of anything else I could purchase.

Jeez, this was supposed to trail into something about weddings.  Oh well, the more you know…