I love video games.  I love Star Wars.  So it’s a pretty easy path to follow that I love Star Wars video games.  Unfortunately, the life of the artist is generally not equipped with any significant amount of free time to play said video games.  With so little time, I generally try to spend it with my friends and family and on my artwork but when I can play games and hang out at the same time I’m loving life.

Melanie and I play a lot (see: a couple hours a week) of the Star Wars game The Old Republic.  It’s an MMO but we generally play it like it’s a Co-op game that happens to have other people running around in the world.  It’s great fun and I don’t feel obligated to play like the other MMOs I used to play (generally because there’s no monthly fee).

You can be on the side of the Empire or the Jedi and of course we went evil.  We spend our time there romping around the galaxy, her wreaking havoc and me generally being malicious to people, but not as malicious as I could be.  Some of the things we do (bribery, assassination, wholesale slaughter of civilizations) are a bit cringeworthy as dark Jedi don’t ever really treat people with the utmost kindness.  I don’t know if this is a statement that exposes any subconscious lack of Id restraint but it’s quite a relaxing way to spend an evening.